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Elevate Your Interior Experience

About Our Products

Elevate Wallcoverings are all Class A fire rated in accordance with ASTM-E84 tunnel test.


Elevate Wallcoverings are paper backed

and most use recycled paper backing.  For the recycle content, see the pattern page content list where the percentage is noted.


Elevate Wallcovering products are free

of PVC, chlorine, heavymetals and urea formaldehyde. Elevate Wallcovering use only water based inks and coatings.


Elevate Wallcovering use antibacterial, low emitting materials and are safely disposable.


Elevate Wallcovering works in accordance with third party organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Please note, the “Collection Specification PDF’s” will open in a new tab.

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