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Elevate Wallcovering

Announces The New FOREST Collection.


Simply Elegant!


Elevate  Wallcovering offers natural wallpaper selections in a variety of colors and styles for both commercial and residential interiors.


All of our woven textiles and woven grass cloth wallcoverings are created with natural fibers, recycled paper backing and water based finishes.


With high standards for quality and sustainability,

Elevate Wallcovering takes elegance to the next level.


Elevate Your Interior Experience

The new FOREST Collection of natural wood wallcoverings from Elevate Wallcovering include a unique selection of surface materials.  The Forest Collection is 100% Cellulose, a natural compound that comes from plants. The structured high density engineered wallcoverings, are both rapidly renewable and biodegradable specialty papers.  All are 36”wide, paper backed and Class A fire rated.
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